Balsamic Vinegar 100 ml


Balsamic vinegar, perfect in salad dressings matched with EVO, or drizzled over meat and vegetable dishes  to add an exquisite tantalising finish.


Originating in Modena in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy, balsamic vinegar with its tangy sweet and sour flavour, is a highly prized condiment steeped in tradition. The production of true balsamic vinegar, or aceto balsamic traditionale follows time honoured methods and traditions, the secrets of which are even today jealously guarded by a small group of Italian families.

This quality balsamic vinegar may be enjoyed in many ways. Try dipping fresh crusty bread in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a splash of balsamic vinegar. Perfect for a variety of salad dressings, when combined with good quality olive oil, and when drizzled over fresh stone or berry fruits adds an exquisite tantalising finish.

  • Product of Italy.
  • Allergen info:Contains sulphur

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 150 cm
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